Progressive Cavity Pump

FLOMAC® Progressive Cavity Pump Malaysia

Progressive cavity pump in Malaysia is also known as PC Pump (PCP), single screw pump or more commonly called by some as Mono pump. Our FLOMAC progressive cavity pump have a wide range of industrial applications including edible oil, latex industry, oil and gas, wastewater treatment and many others. From sludge, slurry, chemical liquid to food product, FLOMAC pumps would have a suitable model for you.


Simple structure, easy maintenance and robust design allow for ease of maintenance.

Strong Suction

Strong suction capability with suction lift up to 8m. Our pump design has low NPSHr.


High efficiency with volumetric efficiency up to 96%. Mechanical efficiency 70 – 80%.


Able to handle abrasive liquid & viscosity up to 1,000,000 cPs.


Liquid with solid content up to 45% – 70% depending on type and size.


Pulsation free with low noise and continuous flow operation.

Trusted Progressive Cavity And Mono Pump Supplier in Malaysia

Our company specializes in the distribution of a diverse range of pumps , including the versatile and non-electric mono progressive cavity pump (PCP).

What sets our PCPs apart is their ability to operate without electricity, making them an ideal choice for areas lacking power supply. These exceptional pumps find their application in a multitude of scenarios, from efficiently transferring water to facilitating irrigation needs.

But that’s not all. Our PCPs go beyond basic water transfer. They are also perfectly suited for pumping hot water or steam through pipelines, providing efficient heating solutions for various structures and buildings.

When it comes to high-quality, dependable PCPs, we are your go-to source. Trust in our expertise and extensive product range to meet your pumping needs, whether it’s for irrigation, water transport, or heating requirements. Contact us today to explore the power of mono PCPs in your business operations.

Working Principle

Progressive cavity pump (PCP), a type of positive displacement pump, transfers fluid with minimal flow variation through a unique design. It utilizes a precision machined single external helix metallic rotor meshed with a double internal helix elastomer stator. The rotor and stator create a sealing line along the rotor’s axis, ensuring efficient operation under both static and dynamic conditions.

As the rotor turns within the stator, a sequence of small, fixed-shape cavities are formed. These cavities progress from the suction inlet to the discharge outlet of the pump, carrying the trapped fluid. The cavities taper down at their ends and overlap, ensuring a smooth, continuous flow with minimal pulsation. The media within these cavities is effectively conveyed from the inlet to the outlet, achieving the pumping action.

This combined text incorporates the following aspects:

  • Function: Clearly defines PCP as a positive displacement pump and its core function of transferring fluids.
  • Components: Describes both the rotor and stator materials and their shapes.
  • Sealing mechanism: Explains the sealing line formation between the rotor and stator.
  • Cavity movement: Emphasizes the progression of cavities and their role in fluid movement.
  • Flow characteristic: Highlights the minimal flow variation and pulsation.
  • Media conveyance: Explains how the media is conveyed within the cavities.
  • Flowrate from 0.02 m3/hr up to 350 m3/hr
  • Working pressure up to 72 bar
  • Solid content up to 70%
  • Viscosity up to 1,000,000 cPs
  • Able to pump fibrous media
  • Pulsation free flow
  • Strong suction up to 8m
  • Low NPSHr
  • Low vibration and noise emission
  • Consistent flow with each rotation. Suitable for metering application
  • Pump is bidirectional. Inlet can become outlet and vice versa

Closed Coupled

Pump shaft is directly driven, compact structure and shorter in length.
Capacity (max) : 600 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 24 bar or higher

Bearing Pedestal

Pump is driven through bearing pedestal; strong load-bearing ability, good rigidity.
Capacity (max) : 600 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 48 bar or higher


Motor is installed above the pump and is driven via belt and pulley, hence shorter structure.
Capacity (max) : 200 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 24 bar or higher


Dosing chemical or liquid with adjustable speed and high accuracy.
Capacity (min) : 0.03 L/min
Pressure (max) : 24 bar or higher
Metering Accuracy : ± 1%


Pump housing with hopper design suitable for high viscosity and high solid content medium.
Capacity (max) : 100 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 48 bar or higher


Designed for food & pharmaceutical application with surface polishing.
Capacity (max) : 200 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 24 bar or higher


Designed with bracket hoist or mounting plate for vertical installations. Ideal for high negative suction applications.
Capacity (max) : 200 m3/hr
Pressure (max) : 24 bar or higher
Vertical length of installation can be designed according to requirement

Customized Designs

We can incorporate any customized design according to your application needs.

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