What We Do


We provide free consultation for your engineering needs as our engineering expertise covers design matters, thermodynamic calculations, materials compatibility, pump curves, efficiency etc. We utilize our very own selection programs to select the most suitable and optimal equipment according to your needs. We always cater for your future needs such as potential expansion or increase in production which may require additional plates for PHE or even increasing the flow in a pump. We do not only provide consultation for equipment represented by Thermac but we could assist to provide solutions for upgrade for various makes.


Our high quality spare parts are not limited to our own products. Our parts are compatible for various PHE and PCP makes and manufacturers. We keep an inventory of essential spares such as plates, gaskets, stators, rotors, joint seals, mechanical seals etc in our warehouse. If there is a requirement for a spare part not in our inventory and is crucial for your equipment, please let us know and we can do our part to help you stock up.


We are capable of providing servicing for pumps and heat exchangers and we have our service personnel who is able to assist you in various ways. You can expect a quick response from our service personnel who are prepared to assist you in:


► Unit performance check

► Trouble-shooting

► Plate cleaning (chemical soaking and hydro-blasting)

► Regasketing

► Hydro-testing and dye-penetrant test for cracks and pin holes

► Pump parts replacement/refurbishments

► Disassembly & inspection on pumps

► Servicing contracts


Dismantle PHE and Access to Plate Pack

Old Gasket Removal

PHE Plates Cleaning

Service & Inspection

Installing new rubber gaskets

UV Crack Test

Re-install plate pack

Tightening PHE

PC Pump Spare Parts Retrofitting

Progressive Cavity Pump Servicing

Progressive Cavity Pump Disassembly

Pump Inspection

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