A Series – ARES Plate Heat Exchangers are used in various applications due to its flexibility. Its optimum design offers the most economic solution for heat transfer duties from HVAC to Oil & Gas industries.


A Series plate types have channel depth of 2.30mm and 4.00 mm depending on the plate model. As a result of its wide range of plate models and types with different chevron angles, it can even reach up to 1°C.


► Hang-on type (glue free) gaskets for ease of servicing

► Even distribution of fluid as a result of high turbulence distribution area

► Self aligning plate pack for easier assembly

► Available from DN32 to DN500 with different thickness and materials.


ASW Series is semi welded plate heat exchangers. The difference is one plate pack is laser welded together which eliminates the use of gaskets. On the other side the plate pack is gasketed which are not welded together. In many cases gaskets may not handle some type of gases and fluids; therefore semi welded plate heat exchangers are used where the gas or fluid does not have contact with gasket.


ASW Series – ARES Plate Heat Exchangers can be cleaned and unpacked as normal gasketed type plate heat exchanger.


ADP Series are Double Plate Heat Exchangers; it is also known as double wall plate type. It is used as fail safe method to avoid contamination of two fluids during heat transfer. ADP Series plate heat exchangers are gasketed type like A series and it can be cleaned easily as any another gasketed type plate heat exchanger.


In case of the fluid cracking the plate, the fluid runs out of the plate heat exchanger through the compressed plates which instead of mixing with the other media. This basically minimizes the potential contamination of fluids. It is extremely important to use double plate type in drinking water, pharmaceutical and cooling transformer oil applications.


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