PCP Structure




End plate:
The outlet of the pump is used for connecting conveying pipes with a port for pressure gauge.


Made of wear-resistant and corrosion prevention materials, surface can be hardened up to HRC65°~ HRC70° to avoid abrasion. Various type of surface protection technologies available i.e chrome plating, tungsten carbide coating depending on application


Various formulation of rubber can be selected for abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance or even high temperature resistance for different application


Three kinds of joints to meet the needs of different operating condition:
– pin joint
– pin-bushing joint
– cross-pin joint
– Coupling rod

We designed a hollow pipe structure to reduce the weight and vibration, allow easy loading on the open cavities and thus increases service life and efficiency.


A water injection port is equipped at the pump inlet for filling a small amount of lubricating fluid before starting the pump to prevent dry running; additional inspection ports at each side for easy service, maintenance and repair.


Shaft seal:
Shaft sealing with options of packing seal or mechanical seal, with different flushing schemes according to any requirement. For pumps with packing seal design, the surface of the coupling shaft is especially hardened for longer lifetime.


To connect the pump with the drive unit. Shorter pump with our block/compact design.


Reducer and motor:
A gear reducer coupled with a motor with variable speed drive as an option. This can be customized to achieve the required flowrate.

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