• Energy-saving and Eco-friendliness
    Accurate dosing,compact design: Benefiting from our independent circuit R&D ability and excellent electromagnetic design experiences, the pump realizes the output capacity the same as that of similar products by lower power and smaller volume to cut cost, save energy and protect the environment.
  • Excellent Compact Structure
    Adopt space technology to reinforce the strong corrosion resistance: Valve seat, made of PTFE material, has better overall tolerance of liquid contact part, not only guarantees the leakproofness but also protects the rubber ring valve seat against expansion and corrosion after longtime use, or the tightness would decrease and inaccurate dosing may be caused.
  • Optimized Pump Head Structure
    Pump head, made of high modified material, full chemical compatibility: As verified in practice, the internal structure of pump head effectively avoids flash gas and cavitation inside pump head, meanwhile, optimizes the procedure of liquid flow, and drops the ultra-large shear force on liquid to maintain the conveying capacity and improve the overall efficiency of pump.
  • Ultra-low Maintenance Cost
    Full pure PTFE diaphragm, five-year warranty: Diaphragm is made of full pure PTFE, with superexcellent tolerance and long service life, which will sharply cut the maintenance cost of product. Moreover, we provide fiveyear lifetime warranty for the diaphragm of dosing pump.
  • Idling to be Allowed
    Unique idling capacity: With improved full pure PTFE diaphragm, the dosing pump can still work safely without damage upon diaphragm after quite a long time once the chemical liquid in dosing barrel is used out,and without timely feed or any misoperation occurs.
  • Simplify Operation
    Simple and visual digital display mode and clear parameter setting save time and
    cut cost, and guarantee the perfect connection of control process.
  • Convenient to Manage Stocking
    Uniform valve group, made up of universal size one-way valves, reduces the
    confusion among parts and components.
  • Customizable Service
    Reasonable and flexible internal design makes customization realizable. We can provide solutions for you according to user demand and special working conditions to avoid the embarrassing modification of process design upon the unsuitability of product. We stick to the principle of providing clients with more professional and quicker support all the time. Through the experience and accumulation in the past years, we have comprehended both pumps and the water treatment industry more profoundly. Our strong technical team can provide individualized products or compact dosing system centering on dosing pump for your production process according to your particular requirements.

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