Metering Pump Introduction

Metering pumps are reciprocating positive displacement pumps. An exact defined volume of liquid is drawn into the pump body on the suction stroke and forced into the discharge line on the discharge stroke. Metering pump or more commonly known as dosing pump provide high accuracy for applications which require high dosing accuracy by adjustment of the pump settings.

DFD Series——Manual Operation

Functional Characteristics
-Quick and simplified manual operation mode
-Buttons are used to control start and stop of the pump and set
the stroke frequency (spm); setting range of stroke frequency
is from 1(spm) to the maximum frequency value; whenever the
pump is running or stops, the flow can be adjusted.
-Flow range is 1-55L/h, maximum pressure is 20Bar.
-Five flow stages are optional that is more accurate and
-Current working frequency is digitally displayed.
-NX, GX and X are equipped with a liquid level switch interface.

Classic Series——DFD-X

As solid as rock after years of development.After withstanding the intensive market competition in the past years, NEWDOSE-X dosing pumps, by virtue
of coherent stable quality and superexcellent performance, timeproof optimal and simplest structural design and larger drive unit, guarantee the stable output while reducing the number of accessories, greatly prolong the total fatigue life, cut the maintenance cost, and promote the stable operation of batches of dosing systems day after day, wins the high praise of numerous domestic and foreign clients, and became the most incredible link in user’s process.

DP Series——Pulse signal

Functional Characteristics
-Manual control, adjustment by Up and Down buttons
-Remote automatic control mode: Pulse signal
-Proportional dosing is adjusted by external impulse signal and
optional modes are frequency division and frequency multiplication;
the frequency division mode is used when input impulse frequenc y is
greater than maximum working frequency of the dosing pump; the
frequency multiplication mode is used when input impulse frequency
is smaller than maximum working frequency of the dosing pump.
-Current working frequency is digitally displayed.
-Equipped with a liquid level switch interface.

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