ARES Plate Heat Exchangers offer many advantages compared to shell/tube heat exchangers:

► Additional plates can be added easily to increase capacity

► Plate technology offers higher heat transfer results with less surface area compare other type of heat Exchangers

► ARES Plate Heat Exchangers require 3 times less space than shell/tube heat exchangers

► As a result of its compact design, installation and assembly costs are much lower compare to large size shell/tube heat exchangers

► ARES Plate Heat Exchangers are capable of creating high turbulence which results in ultimate heat transfer rates

► The whole heat transfer plates can be easily reached by opening the plate heat exchanger and cleaned properly

► Time for cleaning and servicing is significantly lower compared to shell/tube heat exchangers

► ARES Plate technology allows use of Titanium, Hastelloy® or other metal alloys for a reasonable cost compared to shell/tube heat exchangers

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