Top Condensers

Top Condenser


A top condenser is used for cleaning and collection of harmful or valuable condensate. The top condenser is custom-made to fit the column diameter.

ACO-Engineering has developed a complete condenser for mounting directly on top of a tank or a process column. By using a top condenser instead of a traditional condenser, tube and pump installation are made redundant.


The condenser bank’s low height and large cross section makes the top condenser well suited for large flow amounts, and the drop in pressure is minimal. The top condenser not only ensures a more simple installation, it is also much cheaper to maintain, which will be a benefit for your company on long terms.



Applicable as top condensers in distillation plants and exhaust gas condensers in combustion plants. Such examples could be at:


  • Power Stations.
  • Chemical process plants.
  • And other similar processes.




The most obvious advantages for a Top Condenser are listed below:


  • Low pressure drop.
  • Robust design.
  • easy to clean.
  • High efficiency.


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