Therm-X is a self-cleaning heat exchanger that is specially designed for heat recovery, cooling and heating of fibre-containing or unclean process liquids.

This product consists of a number of concentric pillow plates that are continuously cleaned with attached brushes. The brushes make sure that particles do not burn onto the pillow plates, which has a highly positive effect on the performance rate of the product. Due to the brushes, the heat exchanger is very easy to clean, keeping the maintenance costs at a minimum.


The heat exchanger can be used with a line of cooling/heating media like steam, water and ammonia.



Processes where cooling and heating of fibre-containing or unclean process liquids are needed. Such examples could be:

  • Heat recovery in connection with swimming pools and the like.
  • Cooling of waste water or sluge.
  • Discharge air from paper machines.



The most obvious advantages of the Therm-X heat exchanger are listed below:

  • Self cleaning with bruches that can be regulated to speed of rotation between 20 and 30 rpm.
  • High efficiency because of the turbulence created by the bruches.
  • Easy to inspect.
  • Furthermore, Therm-X is available in various steel qualities.

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