Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchanger


Spiral heat exchanger allows dirty fluid or sludge to pass on the free side and clean water or gas to flow inside the thermo plates.

Our spiral heat exchanger need no discharge pins on the free side as the pillow plates provides a rigid sprial shape that is fixed, thus causing no fibres to “build up” inside. This spiral heat exchanger can be opened very easy for inspection and cleaning, which is a way to keep maintenance cost on a low level. Furthermore the design with curved channels provides an optimal heat transfer and flow conditions for a wide variety of fluids, while keeping the overall size of the unit to a minimum.


The pillow shape of the plate provides better turbulence and efficiency than conventional spiral heat exchangers with rolled flat plates. All in all a perfect solution for companies that wants to optimize their energy savings from troubled fluid and sludge.



The curved channels provide optimum heat transfer and flow conditions for fibre-loaded fluids. Areas of application could be:


  • sewage water.
  • sludge.
  • Biomass heat recovery.
  • Pulp and paper.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • And other fluids with heavy fibre content.




The most obvious advantages of the Spiral Heat Exchanger are listed below:


  • No plate to plate contact on product side.
  • Better turbulence and K-values due to curved plate.
  • Thin plate stainless steel is used.
  • Product side can easily be inspected and cleaned.


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