Pillow Plates

Pillow Plates


ACO-Engineering has a unique knowledge in manufacturing pillow plates and we have one of the best equipped production units for this exact purpose.

The manufacturing of pillow plates is our principal core competence. This means, that through the years we have gathered a unique knowledge, a knowledge that has enabled us to combine pillow plates with our customers’ different request for heat exchange. We combine our pillow plates with a large range of products, such as heat exchangers, filter housings, tanks and many other process units.


Recovering heat are both important for the economy of the industry and the environment around us. With our pillow plate products you will experience a remarkable reduction in your energy consumption while demonstrating a “greener” company profile.

What is a pillow plate?

A pillow plate (or thermo plate) consists of two plates which are spotwelded together. The plates are sealed with weldings along the contours of the plates. The plate is then expanded until the desired channel height is achieved. The channel height is the maximum space between the two plates.


While the thickness and the spot pattern is determined by the design pressure. The channel height and the space between the pillow plates in a heat exchanger is determined by flow and allowed drop in pressure.



Pillow Plates can be used for heat recovery and similer processes in many industrys. Such of industrys could be:

  • Food processing industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Wood processing industry.
  • Paper processing industry.
  • And similar industrys that have same processes as the above-mentioned.



The most obvious advantages of the Pillow Plate heat exchanger are listed below:

  • Very easy to clean (high sanitary standard).
  • Efficient with high degree of usage because of large surface in relation to volume.
  • Low drops in pressure.

Could also be used for making:

  • Condensers.
  • Exhaust gas coolers.
  • Oil coolers.
  • Heating-/cooling shells for tanks.

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