Falling Film


A method for recovering heat from, process water, is to use a Falling Film heat exchanger.

This heat exchanger consists of a number of vertical pillow plates and a water distribution system.
The distribution system leads the process liquid down past the pillow plates so the energy is transferred to the medium because of the film/adhesive effect.


The design of the product, combined with a production completely in stainless steel, optimises and guarantees a high efficiency in the heat transfer as well as in the hygiene aspect. This is very important, because a Falling film is often used in industries that handles production of food.



Every process where a high amount of water that needs to be cooled. Such examples could be:


  • Food processing plants.
  • Chemical plants.
  • Wood processing plants.
  • Paper processing plants.
  • And similar processes.




The most obvious advantages of the Falling Film heat exchanger are listed below:


  • Easy to inspect due to an open system.
  • The unit can be cleaned, while in operation.
  • High efficiency.
  • Simple to install.


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