Our condensers are used in a variety of applications. That is why we can offer a range of well-tested condensers that are built on years of improvements and optimization.

The condensers from ACO-Engineering are known for their sturdiness. We supply condensers in stainless steel, SAF 2205 and SMO-materials, among others. For sizing we use advanced computer calculation programs to ensure optimum operation and efficiency.


Our condensers are for the most part used as top condensers, exhaust gas condensers, steam condensers etc. and will give your company the advantage of saving a high amount of energy by recovering heat from your process industry.



Condensers could be used at:


  • Power stations.
  • Chemical process plants.




The most obvious advantages of the Condenser heat exchanger are listed below:


  • Robust design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • High efficiency.


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