Air To Air HE

Air To Air Heat Exchanger


AIR to Air Heat Exchanger is due to its construction in stainless steel or higher alloy materials suitable for aggressive air or gasses.

The free distance between the plates on either side will be adjusted to fit the duty. In theory the overall size of each unit can vary from small to very large depending on the space available on site.


The big advantage of AIR-TO-AIR heat exchanger is its ability to handle dust or particle-loaded air or gasses, which normally get stucked inside exchangers with closed fins. This product is very easy to maintain and clean. Upon request a CIP-system can be installed to this heat exchanger.



Especially suitable for heat recovery of aggressive air or gasses. Such examples could be:


  • Food processing plants.
  • Chemical plants.




The most obvious advantages of the AIR to AIR heat exchanger are listed below:


  • Applicable for dust or particle-loaded air or gasses.
  • Suitable in aggressive atmospheres.
  • Sutiable for high temperatures.
  • Both sides can be cleaned manually or by CIP.


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